About AMI - Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH

Agricultural Market Information Company (AMI)

AMI is the leading firm for agricultural market information in Germany. AMI observes and analyzes the markets for commodities of agriculture. The goal is to provide accurate and objective information for all parties participating in the agriculture market.

AMI collects, processes and distributes market and price information for all important agricultural products. Reporting is focused on up-to-date information, background reports, analyses and prognoses regarding the evaluation of the short-term to long-term market developments. Quantity and price developments will be analyzed /evaluated by the market experts of AMI and graphically displayed.

Breadth and depth of information

The wide scope and the detailed nature of the information about German, European and World agricultural markets makes AMI indispensable for identifying changing trends in supply and demand and for projecting important price movements. AMI delivers information to interested parties via a number of online monitors, email and print publications and fundamental services. Widely known for its printed charts and technical analysis of the markets, AMI is also the leader for its comprehensive database of German agricultural markets history.

At the moment nearly all AMI market information is available in German. For a start AMI publishes the market service onions since October 2009 which was followed by the first edition of Facts and Figures for the German and European Agricultural markets in February 2010. If you´re interested in information about German, European or World agricultural markets - be that apples, pork, milk or wheat - or you have questions about our products or services just contact us.